Yoga for women


5 hr 29 min

Yoga for Women: your 7 step journey towards contentment and your deepest desires to live the life you love. Unlock your power within as a woman. Reconnect with who you truly are finding the peace and internal happiness no matter what life serves you with.



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Lucia's commitment is to share the light and the precious gift of yoga being available to everyone! She allows her students to discover the delight of the open space within their body, the strength from within that helps them to deal with chall...


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    Yoga For Acceptance

    Acceptance - your first step towards the life you love. What does it mean? Why do I need to accept and how would that make a difference in my life?
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    Yoga for Forgiveness

    Developing the capacity to forgive is one of the most import ant qualities to maintain consistency in our vitality and well-being. To forgive is to heal and love again... ...
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    Yoga for Responsibility

    Would you like to live from the space of internal power? To feel whatever life throws at you you are going to not only survive, but also use it as a gift to grow and move f...
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    Yoga for Conquering Fears

    They say fear is excitement without breath. We all have them and it is OK. It is when they limit our choices, it is when we realise our fear and anxiety is holding us bac...
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    Yoga for Authenticity

    You can run through life only finding when you reach your destination, it wasn't the one you really wanted to be in. Re-connect with who you truly are and chose powerfully ...
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    Yoga for Connection

    How do you feel about yourself as a woman. Are you sensual? Do you feel playful and romantic from within? Would you like to indulge and experience life through all your sen...
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    Yoga for Love

    It is what it all comes down to. Unconditional love, relationship with yourself as a woman. It is like coming back home. Where there is love, there is no space for doubts a...

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A program is a set of video-based classes. It’s 100% online, so you can watch the videos on Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android, and TVs: any device with an internet connection!

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In the near future you will be able to download entire programs or individual videos to your phone or tablet via our iOS and Android apps.

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